Luca Z. F.

Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map

Main Idea

Our task was to make a Customer Journey Map for a product of our choice. We decided to make a Customer Journey Map for a bottle return machine, typically found in supermarkets across Germany. We wanted to make a Customer Journey Map that was unconventional and that would make people think about how they interact with the product. We decided to make a Customer Journey Map as an app that would be used by the user of the app to simulate the experience of using a bottle return machine.

Picture of the app
Analysis of the Machine

Analysis of the Machine

Before we started working on the project we had a few people test out the machine and we asked them to describe their experience while using it. We then analyzed the results and started to think about how we could improve the experience. For that we also needed to understand how the machine worked, so we analyzed the machine in detail.

Lo-Fi Prototype

Our next step was to start creating a Lo-Fi prototype of the app. We started by sketching out the different screens of the app. We then created a paper prototype and tested it out on a few people. We analyzed the results and made changes to the prototype.

Lo-Fi Sketches
Final Prototype

Our Final Prototype

In our final prototype, we wanted to have one component that would show the user the current flow of using the machine and another component that would simulate the experience of using the machine. We wanted to make the app as realistic as possible, so we went to a supermarket and took pictures of our bottle return machine that we tested. We then replicated the user interface of the machine in our app. In conclusion we were very surprised by the amount of details in the machine that we would have never noticed if we had not analysed it thoroughly. This is a great base to start streamlining the experience of using the machine.

Still Have Questions?

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