Luca Z. F.

Bike Parts

Bike Parts

The Task

This project was made in the first semester. The task was to create an infographic about a topic of our choice. The infographic should have at least three layers that would get more and more detailed. I chose to create an infographic about different bike parts, since I love cycling. I decided to create a website that would explain the different bike parts and how they work. The next step was to create a site map with one possible path through the website.

Site map
Lo-Fi Prototype

Lo-Fi Prototypes

After having set a path through the website I started to create different paper prototypes. I used various methods such as crazy 8s and was able to create some interesting variations in each step of the path. I then made a smaller selection of the prototypes and drew the flow once on another piece of paper.

Mid-Fi Prototype

The next step was to think about each component individually and how I wanted to design them. I started by creating a few different versions of the header, breadcrumbs, etc. I then decided on an orange accent color because it stands for energy and adventure. I also decided to use a sans-serif font because it is easier to read on screens. I created a few different versions of the buttons and decided to use the one with the orange selector.

Mid Fi Components
Final Prototype

My Final Prototype

The final prototype of my Bike Parts infographic combined everything I had learned in that semester. Every detail of every component was discussed in my course and I was able to create a very detailed prototype. Below you can click the button and go through the prototype. Note that only two paths are actually clickable. The other paths are just there to show the user where they could go. One of the paths is "Home/Fully/Federgabel/Rockshox Lyrik Ultimate 2021". The other path is "Home/Fully/Bremsen/Magura MT7".

Still Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to me! I'm always happy to talk about my work.