Luca Félix

Drone Photos

Drone Photos

Main idea

My idea for this project was to create a website that would allow users to upload and download photos taken by drones. The website would be similar to Unsplash but it would be focused on drone photos.

Drone Photos Cover
Detail Page of one of the photos

My must haves

I wanted the website to be simple and easy to use. I also wanted it to be focused on the photos. I decided to use modals to display the photos in more detail because I wanted to keep the website simple and I didn't want to sacrifice the simplicity of the website by adding a new page for the photos.

The backend

This website not only has a frontend but also features a fully functional backend. The backend was made with Supabase. Supabase is an open-source Firebase alternative. With Supabase I was able to create a database and an API for the different images that were uploaded to the website. In addition to that, I was also able to create a login system with Supabase's Auth system. The login system is used to allow users to upload and download images. Only logged-in users can upload images. In case the user forgets their password, they can reset it with the reset password functionality that I implemented it with Supabase's Auth system.

page of the application
Screenshot of the final website

Final Website

The final website was made with Next.js and Supabase. The website is hosted on Vercel. The website is fully responsive and it works on all devices. Since each post has tags associated with it, I also added a search functionality with fuzzy search to allow users to search for specific tags. As a user, you can also edit your profile, change your password, delete your account and like posts. I am very happy with the final result and I achieved my goal of creating a full-stack website that is focused on the photos.

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Still Have Questions?

Feel free to reach out to me! I'm always happy to talk about my work.