Luca Z. F.

Plant Care

Plant Care

Main idea

The goal of the Visual Prototyping course in the second semester was to develop a prototype for an app that would help a person take care of their plants. The persona is a young adult woman who travels a lot and has a lot of plants in her apartment. She has a hard time taking care of them because she is not home a lot. She also has a hard time remembering to water them and she doesn't know how much water each plant needs. The app should help our persona with this problem by automatically watering the plants and displaying their health status.

Plant Care App
lo-fi prototype of the app


After receiving the brief, we started brainstorming the main features of the app. We decided that the app should have a feature that would automatically water the plants when the user is not home. We also decided that the app should display the health status of the plants and that the user should be able to water the plants manually. The user should also be able to add new plants to the app and remove plants that are no longer in the user's possession. From that point on we started sketching the the app on paper and went over to a mid-fi prototype on Adobe XD.

Flow of the prototype

The prototype was made in Adobe XD. It was one of the most important parts of the project because it was responsible for the connections between different pages and states. It was also responsible for the animations and transitions between different pages. The flow was also used to test the app's usability and to test the animations and transitions. The prototype was tested on a smartphone so that we could test it's usability on a touch screen. Included in the flow were also the setup process and the onboarding process. The setup process was responsible for connecting the app to the device and the onboarding process was responsible for introducing the user to the app.

Screenshot of the flow of the prototype in Adobe XD
Screenshot of the final prototype

Final prototype

The final prototype combined the flow previously created in Adobe XD with the visual design. A major focus of the visual design was to make the app look friendly and inviting. In addition to that, the devices inside the prototype had to keep it's state between different pages, which made the process exponentially more complicated. We are very proud of the final result and we think that it is a great example of how a prototype can be used to test the usability of an app.

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