Luca Z. F.



Smart Homes

For the past few years my biggest passion turned out to be Smart Homes. I love to automate things and to make them work as efficiently as possible. To have everything connected and to be able to control everything from a single app, that's what I'm aiming at. To achieve this, the platform of my choice is Home Assistant. I've been using it for the past years and I love it. It allows the integration of almost any device and electronic equipment. To make the best use of it, I also put tablets on a wall of each floor in the house to control and monitor everything from those spots. I even built and published some custom cards for Home Assistant that are used by thousands of people in the meantime.

Smart Homes
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I love to design things. I especially enjoy creating things that are both functional and beautiful. Since the start of my university studies, I have designed a lot of products from very different fields of application. As our university is very focused on practical work, I had the chance to create a large number of different prototypes and products. Furthermore, I learned to apply multiple design approaches and different design tools, such as Figma and Adobe XD . The university's methodology is also very focused on users' needs, a fact that helps me understand the importance of user research and user testing.


Just like most of the people in this field, I love to program. In my opinion, programming is about creating things and solving problems. I like to learn new things and to improve my skills. I started taking programming more seriously at the start of my university studies. I took multiple programming courses and I also started to study on my own. Currently, my main focus is on web development. The technologies I'm using at present are React, Next.js, specifically with TypeScript, and Tailwind CSS. I'm currently working for Bosch as a UX-Designer and Software Developer.

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I am a big fan of renewable energy. I am always keen on learning more about it and I follow the latest news on this subject. I also love to monitor my energy consumption and solar production at home. I have a solar panel system on the roof of the house and a battery, too. Having renewable energy combined with an EV, I am a firm believer in the future of these technologies. I've been turning the house into a smart home for more than 3 years now. The more data I have collected, the better chance I have at automating and optimizing the home's energy consumption and, while avoiding fossil fuel emissions as much as possible.