Luca Z. F.


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Elektro Schneider (Wipfeld)

I had already been interested in electrical work for a long time, so in March '21 I decided to do an internship at Elektro Schneider, a German electrical company. There I got the opportunity to work on a Wine Cellar project. The Wine Cellar was located in Würzburg and our job was to renew all electrical installations and to install new automated and colorful LED lights. I gained a lot of experience in this internship, especially in the field of electrical engineering, but also in teamwork and communication.

Life Emotions

From August '21 to October '21 I worked as an intern at Life Emotions, a Portuguese company focused on high-end Home Automation. I got to work on a lot of different projects, from web development to electrical engineering, to smart home automation. There I not only got to work in their office, but I also got to work on-site with real clients, which was a great experience. I mainly developed a few smart dashboards for their clients to monitor their energy consumption and also built some logic to alert them when something was wrong. In general this was a great experience and I learned a lot about working in a team, working with clients, and also about the technologies I used.

Life Emotions
bosch connectory in Stuttgart


Since the start of my third semester I've been working for Robert Bosch GmbH as a UX-Designer and Software Developer. In this role I've had the opportunity to work with my mentor on his PhD thesis. We mainly worked in the field of Artificial Intelligence and it's applications in the Semantic Web. The technologies we are using are Next.js with TypeScript and Material UI as our design system. This stack makes researching and developing new ideas very easy and fast. I also treasure the amount of liberty I've had in our work. With this liberty I've been able to impact the projects on a much larger scale than I would have expected. I've been genuinely happy with my job at Bosch and look forward to continue working there.