Luca Z. F.



One of my biggest hobbies is biking. I love to go on long bike rides and explore new places. I have been on many bike adventures in Germany and Portugal. I see it as a great way to explore discover nature and get to know spots that only biking allows you to get to. I also love to go on bike tours with my family.

One of my Hobbies - Bike
Another one of my Hobbies - Exploring


Another hobby of mine is exploring. I love to go on long walks – with or without a destination. Apart from being a good physical exercise, it's very relaxing to just not worry about anything and to just enjoy the moment. Step by step, adopting the pace of nature.


While I was in high school, I discovered my passion for music. I started listening to a lot of different genres and artists and I also started to produce my music. At one point I decided to get a DJ controller and started DJ'ing. From then on, all high school parties and the graduation celebrations of five years in a run could count on me as the DJ.

Another one of my Hobbies - Dj'ing
One of my Hobbies - Photography & Videography

Photography & Videography

Another way I spend my time outside of work is by taking pictures and videos. I love to capture the moment and create something that I can share with others. I also enjoy editing my pictures and videos and making them look as good as possible. Usually, I take pictures and videos when I'm out exploring or biking. Rally cars and other motorsports are also welcome subjects for my photos and videos.